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Spread 202 – What I Hide

Spread 202 - What I Hide 13 July 2015 A new spread. Today you can go to Tracie Hanson's Dream Digger Blog here you can view her interview with me about art journaling. Our class with Roxanne Coble, The Creative Nomad in beautiful Palm Springs goes life to sign up July 21, 2015! Enjoy!

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Spread 192 – My Side Kick – Cover

Spread 192 - Side Kick - Cover  Vintage children's book, tape, paint, vintage papers. Orly Avineri gave this Side Kick to me a few years ago. She made the cover and I have always loved it. Over the years it has developed a lovely patina, with bits of pant here and there. She uses Side [...]

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Spread 179 – Listen to me & Photos from my trip to Whidbey Island

Spread 179 - Listen to me4 to 9 Aug 2014Vintage and personal images, acrylic paint, vintage fabric, gel skin transfers.Leaving Mukilteo on the ferryMy home away from home.The Steves' Inn at the Dr. W. L. White house Established in 1894.Another shot of the Steves' Inn.A deer walking the grounds of the Steves' Inn. A morning walk [...]

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Spread 176 – No More Vagueness

Spread 175 - No More Vagueness  21 June 2014 Black gesso, white gesso, Nova Color paint, vintage papers, tracing paper image. The past is over. The present is this point in time to be enjoyed and lived. My future is filling with lots of artistic opportunities. This spread was completed in Orly Avineri's art journaling [...]

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Seth Apter's Buried Treasure 2014!

It is time for Seth Apter's Buried Treasure! I chose one of my favorite posts from one of my favorite events of the past year. I chose it because it involves some of my dearest friends Orly, Seth, Terry, John, Irene, and many more from my wonderful art family. Art Family  from February 16, 2014 [...]

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Spread 0170 – Humbled

Spread 0170 - Humbled  17-18 May 2014 Vintage and personal papers, napkins, matte medium, Nova Color paints, Ink, Distress Inks, matte varnish  Sigano white pen, Micron black pen, Sharpie china pencils. This spread is one of four I completed in Orly Avineri's weekend workshop. Every time I take one of Orly's classes I am humbled and [...]

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Spread 0168 – "Mystery of a Woman"

Spread 0168 - "Mystery of a Woman" 4 May 2014 Vintage and personal papers, tracing paper images, paint chips, matte medium, black gesso, Nova C0lor paints, black Micron pen, Sigano white gel pen, Tim Holtz Distress inks, matte varnish. Note: the center portions of the above spread are flaps that open. Inside center spread  4 [...]

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Spread 161 – Miss My Tribe

Miss My Tribe 11 to 21 February 2014 Nova Color acrylic paint, vintage, found & personal images, matt medium, black gesso, Sharpie china marker, graphite pencil, Signao white gel pen. tracing paper images, paint peelings. It is still amazing to me two weeks later I am still under the effects of my artist tribe. So [...]

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Spread 158 – Brotherhood

Spread 158 - Brotherhood 8 February to 10 February 2014 Vintage, found & personal papers, matt medium, Nova color acrylic paint, playing card, tracing paper image, tape, sharpie chalk pencil, pencil, Sigano white gel pen, Sigano red pen, sharpie marker, black gesso. This past week I had the vacation of a lifetime sharing time with [...]

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Spread 147 – A Man On A High Rope

Spread 147 - A Man On A High Rope 2 November 2013 Black & white gesso, matte medium, black, brown & metal tape, personal images, china marker, micron pens, Nova Color acrylic paint. The largest percentage of my spreads deal with my past. It is time to start dealing with my present. It doesn't mean [...]

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Teaching at The Pacific Northwest Art School

I am excited to announce I will be teaching at the Pacific Northwest Art School on beautiful Whidbey Island, Washington. I will be teaching my class Personal Images on August 2-3 2014. I am excited to be joining my friends Orly Avineri and Terry Garrett who will also be teaching at there as well, click [...]

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Spread 108 – Dance With The Devil

Dance With The Devil 11 October 2012 Vintage and personal papers & images, maps, drafting paper, crackle paste, matte medium, acrylic paint, Tim Holtz Adirondack sprays, Sigano white gel pen I have danced with the Devil. And yes at times I have been that Devil. Now I dance all by my self. Click on the [...]

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