Spread 192 - Side Kick - Cover - 72

Spread 192 – Side Kick – Cover 

Vintage children’s book, tape, paint, vintage papers.

Orly Avineri gave this Side Kick to me a few years ago. She made the cover and I have always loved it. Over the years it has developed a lovely patina, with bits of pant here and there. She uses Side Kicks in her class for receiving leftover paint, papers, scraps and bits left over from life and from art journaling really without caring. I have used this in her class. It has become one of my favorite little journals.

This next week I am going to be in Bemidji, Minnesota staying with Terry Garrett, and we are joining us are  Tom LaBadia, and John Arbuckle. We will be creating, art journaling and sharing a lot of laughs. From time to time I will be posting various Side Kick spreads. Enjoy!