Spread 219 – “How Brian Got His Groove Back”

January 15, 2017

6.5″ X 8” altered book

Altered book, vintage and personal papers and images, matte gel, black gesso, Nova Color paints, PaperArtsy paints.

This spread is from an altered book class with Orly Avineri. I notice it takes a while to get my groove back when I have not been art journaling for a while. This spread and Spread 218 were created on the second day of class, I felt more myself and more into it.

The funny part for me was after I brought my journal home and a friend looked at my two spreads and said “Wow! Brian was in a dark place there!” Actually not I felt really good creating them. I think it was the use of black in both spreads, I used to think of black and certain colors as “bad or dark” not any longer, color is color. I actually love black.

It also took me a bit to get into altering a book. My choice was not the greatest, the pages were thin and I realized the choice of a book was very important. Get out there and create!