Seth, Orly & I


Seth & I at in my back yard.

The boys

Brian, John and Terry

My Walks Journals

My two handmade journals created in “If Walls Could Talk”.

Brian Stack

Our journal stack in my home.

Orly Stack

Our journal stack in Orly’s home

I had a wonderful vacation a week ago spending 6 days with Terry Garrett from Minnesota and John Arbuckle from Washington. We spend a lot of time creating art, sharing wonderful food and laughing, and sharing stories.

I also had the wonderful good fortune to spend time with Seth Apter from New York. I was able to host Orly Avineri’s and Seth’s wonderful class, “If Walls Could Talk” at my home for two days, making and creating handmade journals. I was able to take the class again with Terry and John over the weekend at Orly’s home.

Previously I had only known Seth from our communications online. We have always supported and encouraged each other’s art for several years. I was thrilled when Seth asked me to submit art for his newest book, “The Pulse of Mixed Media:Secrets and Passions of 100 Artists Revealed.” Spending time with Seth was very easy and comfortable, like talking with a long time friend. It was such fun taking being in Seth and Orly’s class. Seth and Orly are passionate, caring, artists and instructors.

It has taken me some time to come down from the high of such a shared experience. What I came away with was the deep sense of family. Chosen, creative, artistic family. It was a deeply moving, emotional experience. It will be interesting to see how it changes each of us and our art.

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