5 minute collages - 1


5 minute collages - 6


5 minute collages - 5


5 minute collages - 4


5 minute collages - 3


5 minute collages - 2

5 Minute Collages

3″X5″ cold press,

9-12 September 2013

Vintage magazines, vintage papers, tissue paper, 3″X5″ cold press papers, matt medium.

I am always open to fresh inspiration, and to learn and be challenged. Keep growing. I am taking Randel Plowman’s online class, Experiments in Collage. Randel has written a wonderful book “The Collage Workbook”. It is full of inspiration and techniques for collage. The Experiments in Collage class is full now but he will be having another class sign up soon. These are for our first assignment, 5 minute collages. You set a timer and you only have 5 minutes to do each collage. Each collage is 3″X5″ on cold press paper.  Click on each image for a larger view. I can already see changes I would make in the next ones. They are very fun and challenging to do. I can’t wait for our next assignment.