Hello and welcome to my new blog!  If you were a follower of my art at http://amanwhocrafts.blogspot.com welcome to my new blog, A Paper Bear.  A Paper Bear uses my own art for backgrounds and header.   I like that I can change headers and background, because I get bored easily.  I could not do that at blogspot.  I wanted to kick my art up a notch.   So here we are enjoy!  Thank you to those that have been waiting a while for this to start.  I wanted to learn a few things to make this more upscale and professional and that took a while.  Thank you for your understanding.

This new blog would not have happened if not had been for the “urging” of Ms. Orly Avineri.  You are a wonderful teacher and friend Orly.  Also responsible is Orly’s wonderful, creative and brilliant son Ilan.  He designed this blog for me.  He really is incredible.  If you’d like to design your own blog contact me and I can put you in touch with him.

This spread is part 2 of My Personal Maps series.  For those of you that might be wondering what kind of journal I use is an 11.5 inch X 16.5 inch Moleskine from Amazon.  Yes it is a giant. I love it.  Again, Orly kept urging me, “go bigger”  so this is what I ended up with.  One downside to having a journal this size is you can’t find a scanner big enough to handle this bubba…  If you know of a scanner big enough let me know.