It has been said many times before, all of artist’s work are self portraits.  We did a series of self portraits at Orly Avineri’s latest art journaling group.  Here are mine.  January is a good time to look inward and look at ourselves.

I recently turned 50 years old, and I am also reaching the end of this Moleskine Journal, it is 11.5 X 16.5 inches.  It is HUGE, it has gotten very heavy with use, some of the pages stick together and the binding is broken, I am going to glue it back together.  It will not close, it sticks open about six inches.  It is like a warm wonderful friend always there for me.  It is interesting my two Maine Coon cats love to sit upon it when it is out and open.  I think they enjoy feeling the love that comes from within it.  I usually work on one page and one of my cats sits on the other page, very closely.  My journal is so much an extension of myself and my growth.  This whole journal is what I think of as my awakening.  My becoming who I want to be.