Teesha and Tracy Moore are magicians!  They invited about 30 artists to their PLAY retreat in Port Townsend Washington and I was lucky enough to attend with Orly Avineri.  What a fantastic three days we had.  We took turns showing techniques and tips.   I had the good fortune to sit across from Tracy Moore and next to Steve Salik.  We learned about lots of fun new tools for artists.  Teesha and Tracy created such a wonderful safe place for sharing and creating.  Tracy Moore helped me to create a fabulous journal using paper from a demo I did as the cover.  Tracy is so patient, kind and funny.  It was a fantastic weekend of hanging out, sharing, and creating.  This was one of several spreads I did at PLAY.  I met so many wonderful artists including Michelle Geller and Liesel Lund, it was such an amazing, creative, inspiring weekend.  Thank you Teesha and Tracy!