Acrylic paint, Sigano white gel pen, black gel pen, Stabilo Biggie pencils, Sharpie china markers, pencils, black and white gesso.

19 May 2012

“Under the Surface”

19 to 24 May 2012

Vintage and personal papers and images, acrylic paint, black and white gesso, black brush pen, Sigano white gel pen, black gel pen.

What I chose as my inspiration:


Jean-Michel Basquiat

Where do you find inspiration? Some artists I admire are Jean-Michel Basquiat, Jasper Johns, Robert Rauschenberg. Just look at my tumblr account and you can see hundreds more. Where does inspiration stop and copying begin? We explored just that in Orly Avineri’s most recent class. It felt odd and strange to me to copy an artist’s work. For the first few years of my art journaling I was a copier. It feels so odd and foreign now. I was so inspired by my choice by Jean-Michel Basquiat, I wanted to do my own work right from the start. I wanted many, many layers of papers, paint, gesso, ink, and pen work. I am a more is more artist. THAT IS MY VOICE. I wanted to get lost in my own visual world and express it. I get inspirations from everywhere. My past, my memories, climbing roses in my yard, Boston ivy climbing my fence, a runway line at the airport, the way the back of a billboard looks, graffiti, advertising, films. It comes from everywhere.  I get ideas all the time doing the most mundane things. Ideas just pop into my head that must be expressed in my journal. My mind does not stop. Welcome to my world and my visual expressions.