Spread 155 - Enough - 72

Spread 155 – Enough

Dec  7 – 24 2013

Found and vintage papers, Black and white gesso, Sigano white gel pen, black Micron pens, Nova Color paints, matt medium, Tim Holtz Distress Ink, matt varnish.

It starts as a conversation with John, or Terry, or Orly, or someone in a class, or my partner. You all contribute to a spread. It is a collaboration of sorts. I work in layers, first paint and paper, then gesso, matt medium, more paper and paint. It builds up, I am not feeling it. I work in layers, layers of my mind. I have to get to that deeper layer inside and outside on the spread. Adding, subtracting, obsessing. Is it enough, is it me? Suddenly it happens I don’t know when or where it happens. I am there. As you can see this spread happened between December 7 to today, December 24. It’s part of a conversation in my head, or a mindlessness, it happens… enough.