Spread 102 – pages 5 & 6 – My Voice Box

Altered Book, black gesso, private photo, acylic paint, Tim Holtz Distress Ink.

26 August 2012

When I was little I could spend hours creating. For many reasons I stopped. Finding my artistic side again has opened my eyes and enriched my life. I feel whole and a peace I have never known. I create every day. In my garden, cooking, homekeeping, and yes art journaling. I don’t create a whole spread every day, I do a little here and there. One day I might find and download images off of the internet. I collect paper and ephemera every day in my travels I am a collector. One day I might collage some papers, or lay down a first layer of gesso or acrylic paint. Another day I might doodle while watching some tv or relaxing in my garden. One day I might feel like spraypainting in my journal. Before you know it there are many layers. I steal time for myself. I am luck in that I have a job that allows me afternoons where I have big blocks of time to journal and it is pure joy, but it does not happen every day. I would like to spread that joy throughout my life so I make art journaling and creating my way of life. I believe it’s made my art journaling deeper and richer and my as life as well along the way.

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