Spread 128 - My Journal-My Garden - 72

Spread 128 – My Journal/My Garden

21 April 2013

Vintage and personal papers, handmade papers, napkins, Nova Color Paint, Matte Medium, Distress Inks.

Garden Walkway

Come and take a walk in my garden. 

Bay Window

The bay window where our three cats keep watch surrounded by climbing roses and yellow brugmansia.

Spring is one of my favorite times of year in Southern California. I can usually be found working in my garden. My garden is dense and layered much like my journal pages. I like to tuck plants in little out-of-the-way corners. You have to work to find the gems in my garden. I am currently planting hostas in the shady corner of my garden. We have been in our home almost 7 years now, when we moved in all the planters were bare. Now we love how lush and secluded it is. 

I love journaling on my patio table in my garden in this time of year.  I will share more pictures of my garden. My garden is starting to creep into my journals as well. It is a wonderful place to be.