“My Kings” 

15 June 2012

Vintage and personal papers, acrylic paint, Sigano gel pen, gel pens, black gesso.

Growing up in a family of sports fans I never understood the joy of group sports, until this year. My partner a major Los Angeles Kings fan purchased half season tickets for us both. To me at first it seemed like a chore to go to the games. I am not the biggest fan of big crowds. Yet it was not long before coworkers started to notice I was coming to work with no voice the day after going to a game. And I can not explain the pride in I felt in MY TEAM when we won the first round of our playoffs against many odds. To witness us win the Stanley Cup on home ice here in Los Angeles, well the thought still brings tears to my eyes. We witnessed them grow as a team to champions this year. It still surprises me to learn things about myself. Here is to surprising ourselves.