Spread 0068 – Hockey Fan

18 March, 2012

Hockey tickets, vintage and personal papers, acrylic paint, ink, black and white gel pens.

It is always interesting to me to find out new things about myself. Becoming a hockey fan is a surprising recent discovery for me. I am not much of a sports fan. Growing up my mother and brothers thought me odd for not joining in their liking of football and basketball. My father and I did not enjoy sports but would go along, so I watched the crowd. I found group sports dull and boring. In my youth I prefered solitary sports myself, skiing, running, which gave me time to think.

I must admit my partner has had a big hand in my new-found love of hockey. He has long been a hockey fan and I sort of absorbed it by going to games with him. We’ve enjoyed season tickets this year at the Los Angeles Kings. It sort of snuck up and surprised me how passionate I am for the sport. It is the skill I enjoy, your skating on ice, hitting a tiny puck around the ice – not easy. Well also must admit I do enjoy watching those men out there on the ice. It is almost playoff season and the players all grow beards during the playoffs.

I have been enjoying a rainy weekend here in Los Angeles, doodling in my journal is so meditative and contemplative. Soothing, retrospective, which I like. Back to it. Enjoy your weekend.