Fishing, What Lies Beneath

15 July, 2011

vintage papers, vintage images and photos, paint, ink, moulding & crackle paste

It is always amazing to me how one of my spreads start out as one thing, very specific and then in the process wonders off to another quite different direction.  I had a completely different image in mind to use, perhaps another day for that?  I plopped down that silly fish, it was a background image.  I layered some more paper, paint, some moulding paste and crackle paste & ink.  I spend a lot of time pondering, looking deeply, exploring, imagining.  It all dried nice and fast in the sun today.

I started to think of a time as a young boy, we went fishing a lot up in Montana.  My Mom loved to fish.  My Mom loved to trudge right down the middle of the creek, looking for fish to catch. I on the other hand could probably sit in one spot all day in the sun or shade, fishing in a deep hole just looking down in there, pondering what lies beneath, imagining other worlds down deep.  I did not care if I ever caught a thing.  I loved being out in nature, just being.  Pondering.  Imagining.    It is nice to look back on those times with a different perspective.

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