From This – Boring…

To This – The cover of my XL Moleskine

Yes, the top photo is a photo of an XL Moleskine like the one I have been using, I could not finish my visual journal and leave the cover plain ole black. This is how it appears now.  I can not guarantee it will stay that way, it seems to be missing something to me.  I have one last spread to show you from this journal, it is actually drying as I type this, I think it is a splendid finish to this journal.  I still have changes to make to this journal.  The spine is broken and most of the journal is separate from the cover.  I am going to rebind the journal and covers, with a LOT of help from Orly.

I feel so very proud to have finished this journal.  It is big, fat, rich and thick with spreads.  It’s all me and it’s priceless.  Enjoy some photos:

And yes, I have started a new XL Moleskine journal.  That spread is coming up soon as well.  Enjoy!

Completed 13 April, 2011.