Perhaps it is that I was able to play in my visual journal today with paper, matt medium, paint and ink in the beautiful sunshine after a long, long rainy dark winter.  It could be the many losses my family has felt in the last few years and the hope of some new babies and additions to my wonderful large family.  It could be thoughts of all that is going on in our world right now.  Maybe it is all of the above but I have been thinking about darkness and light lately.  I fully embrace and celebrate my darkness.  It is very easy for us to embrace the light.  I recently heard someone I admire say we can not stand in the light without creating shadows.  I look in into my shadows.  It is how I learn.  I have no regrets.  I go forth and I move forward.   Bring me sunshine and light please.

Given the choice of a drama and a comedy I prefer a drama any day when it comes to films or tv.  Ask anyone who knows me I do laugh, loud, and hard and often.  Our DVR is filled with both dramas and comedies.  I need both in my life.  I need to be introspective and to laugh.  I need balance.  I need to be alone and I need my family and friends.

One of the reasons I am very introspective is that this spread is the last full spread in my Moleskine journal.  There is one more set as I turn the page but it has a folder on the last page.  It feels very good to finish this journal.  I have something very special planed for the last page and the folder, and I am going to do something special to the cover.  This journal is falling apart, and bursting, the spine is broken.  I will show it all to you I promise.    I am not sad about finishing this journal, it feels wonderful and joyful.  I will feel so proud to finish it I am so happy you followed along on this journey.  I have purchased two more identical Moleskines to this one.   I also can not wait to dig into them and start on them.   There are more journeys to be taken, let’s go, I can’t wait!  Peace.