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Orly Avineri‘s The Journaling Game!

I am pleased to help my dear friend Orly Avineri introduce The Journaling Game. A set of 48 cards, 3.5 inches X 3.5. inches in size.

The box reads “Sparks of inspiration for individuals who work solo or in a group setting with materials mostly found at home, in nature, and on the street.”

The game would be excellent for art get togethers or for artists working alone looking for prompts.

The journaling game came about from when Orly was at a mountain retreat and friends were having a hard time knowing how to start an evening of art journaling. Orly came up with the idea of each person taking turns giving a simple prompt. Orly introduced me to the game later at another event. We had so much fun. I have introduced many friends to the game, Terry Garrett, John Arbuckle, Jacki Long, Irene Rafael, Thomas LaBadia. Some of my most treasured meaningful afternoons have been spent playing the journaling game with these dear friends. The spreads we created together have so much deep meaning for me. Thinking of those times still bring tears to my eyes thinking of them now. I will include them below.

Head over to Orly’s blog and leave a comment on her blog for a chance to win a set of cards! They are soooo fun!

Spread 200 - Joyful - 72

Created in Minnesota at Terry Garrett’s home with John Arbuckle and Thomas LaBadia.

Spread 159 - 23 Prompts - 72

Created on a treasure afternoon at my home with Terry, John and I.