Front Cover

This is the front cover of my handmade journal I made with Tracy Moore at Teesha and Tracy’s PLAY retreat in January. It is small.  It measures

5″ x 7 1/4″ and is bound with Fabriano Artistico hot press paper inside.  The front cover is made using paper from my layers demonstration at PLAY.

This was so fun to make with Tracy.  He was really patient, kind and giving helping many of us to make journals.  

Back Cover

Teesha and Tracy are coming to southern California to teach some classes at the Urban Craft Center in Santa Monica.  Teesha is teaching 3-D Mixed Media Painting April 30th and Tracy is teaching Hand Forged Metal Journals Sunday May 1st.  You can find out more info about The Moore’s classes here.  I am really excited to be taking Tracy’s Metal Journal class.  If you’ve ever wanted to take a class from either Teesha or Tracy now is your chance if you are in southern California.

Spine with vintage papers.

Here is a shot of the spine done with vintage papers covering the signatures of the book.  Tracy taught us Coptic stitch for the back cover using two needles.  It looks as if it is crooked but it is actually not, it is the angle at which the book is sitting.  This is my every day journal for doodling and journaling.  It is personal and small and just right.  I love the size and feel of it in my hand . It has started me on my journal making adventure.  Who knows where it will lead?