My Accordion Book

While I was in Bemidji, I received my accordion book Terry, John, Tom and I have been working in. Terry created one for each of us. From Terry’s post about one of them “To get an idea of the scale here- the inside of the book extended is 30 inches long. The backside extended without the covers is 24 inches. The book is 4 3/4 inches tall. Closed the book is 4 x 5 inches.” Terry has done several of these collaborative accordion books it was fun to see them at his home.

We each had a two page spread you will see below and then on the back we all collaborated on the entire back spread. They traveled around to each of us and we worked on them. I think mine turned out beautifully. I love having my little book home with me.  Enjoy! Click on any image for a larger view.

John - Collaboration BK

John Arbuckle’s Spread

Terry - Collaboration BK

Terry Garrett’s Spread

Tom L - Collaboration BK

Thomas LaBadia’s Spread

Brian - Collaboration BK_0002

My Spread

Back - R - Collaboration Final

Collaborative back part 1

Back - L - Collaboration Final

Collaborative back part 2