PCJ - 1-1-15

PCJ 1-1-15

PCJ - 1-4-15

PCJ – 1-4-15

PCJ - 1-11-15

PCJ 1-11-15 

PCJ - 1-15-15

PCJ 1-18-15

PCJ - 1-25-15

PCJ 1-25-15

These are my playing card journal entries for the month of January 2015. They are actually a standard deck of regulation playing cards. I do one card per week. I have really enjoyed working on these. These are from the 52 Card Pick-up class with Seth Apter. You can view the previous post regarding the cover of the class here. It is rather therapeutic to do just a bit of journaling on the backs of these cards. I have decided to be really open about what is going on with me at the time in my journaling.

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