This year I am participating again in Seth Apter’s Buried Treasure  where we revisit and repost a popular post.  Enjoy.

My Rolodex Journal

This is my newest art journal venture, my rolodex journal.  Patty Van Dorin created the first one I ever saw on her blog.  Patty is one of the most inspirational women I know.  She calls her rolodex, her “scrapodex”.  Call it whatever you want I think they are awesome.  Get yourself over to Etsy or Ebay and look for a vintage rolodex.  I like the open desk type.  It draws you in you and you’ll want to pick it up.  Then you start to look at the cards, they tell a story all on their own.

Now you may ask what do you put in your rolodex journal?  Well just the very same things you put in your visual or art journal, except smaller.  Are you a horder of little scraps?  Does this sound familiar?  Then this the right type of journal for all those little scraps you don’t want to get rid of.  Actually Patty has done a wonderful post about it click here to read it.

The following are cards I’ve made so far for my rolodex journal.  Enjoy!  Click on the images for a larger view.

My Rolodex Scans Side 1

My Rolodex Scans Side 2

Of course after seeing Patty’s and starting my own I proposed to Patty we do a swap.  These are the ones she created for me.

Patty Van Dorin’s Rolodex Scans
Side 1

Patty Van Dorin’s Rolodex Scans Side 2

I then showed my rolodex journal to my wonderful friend Orly Avineri and she wanted to create some too.  She made these especially for me.  I now think of myself as a curator.  Look at all the miniature works of art I have here!

Orly Avineri’s Rolodex Scans Side 1
Orly Avineri’s Rolodex Scans Side 2
Now comes the fun part, where you can join in.  I thought why not start a swap?  In the comments section of my blog leave your email address and folks can contact you and swap rolodex cards.  Heck I might even send you one, ya never know unless you try…