“Ysabel & Maman”

by John Arbuckle

The Caption above the envelope on the right reads:

Ysabel lifted the fold of the curtain inside the confessional. She felt the crispness of the paper tucked inside the hem. She let out a breath. For days she had been coming to the church hoping that something would be there. Carefully and quietly she opened the folded note and began to read……


lundi, 20 juillet 1942
You know with the receipt of this letter that I have had to disappear.
Remember I told you that I may not come home for a long time. That
time has come. I am safe, but I cannot contact you and you must do as
we have always planned. Take the postcard, you know the one, and go
to Paris. I know you remember the location as we talked about it every
night for weeks. The postcard will gain you entrance. Do not lose the
postcard, my dear. Soixante-sept is your lucky number. Be safe.
Gros bisous,

“New York Life”

by John Arbuckle 

John Arbuckle is a wonderful artist and friend up near Seattle, Washington graciously did two spreads for my 1001 Journal #5387. The first “Ysabel & Maman”and “New York Life”. John has a blog “artjuvenation” go take a look. I wonder where the journal will go next?