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My intro pages from 14 Artist Journals

I am proud and excited to support my wonderful friend Orly Avineri to announce her newest book “14 Artist Journals” is out and ready for purchase. I am honored to be a part of Orly’s book with 13 other amazing artists. “14 Artist Journals” is an art book for art journalers. Artists for whom art journaling is not just a hobby but a very important aspect of their lives, a part of their very identity. In my opinion this book along with her revolutionary first book “One Artist Journal”  are going to change how art journaling is presented and viewed. Orly has lovingly selected, photographed and presented each artist’s pages that in her opinion represent the essence of each artist she has chosen. Orly gives you a rich, colorful, emotional look into each artist’s personal journal pages. Artists you may know or think you know, these are their intimate pages. Some artists you may be unfamiliar with and will defiantly want to know more about after viewing and being draw into their inspiring personal worlds.

I am so excited to be a part of this wonderful group of artists selected for the book. Some I know personally and call friends, some of the artists I know via the internet, some I do not know yet through this book I feel I know all them very closely now.

The list of artists:Nathalie NayerTracy V. MooreErin Faith AllenSeth ApterJuliana ColesMaya DunskyPnina Gold,Jesse Reno, Brian KasstleHana KlosGil AvineriRachel Urista, Darcy Ruth Ritzau, and Vered Gersztenkorn.

I have known Orly for about three years, first as a teacher and later as a dear supportive friend. Early in my journey she was the first to call me an artist and truthfully to help me feel deep down, YES, I am an artist. Orly has helped me to develop my own personal style, and to challenged me to go deep within myself in my art. I have seen in her classes how she in her very gentle, yet strong way brought people who have had no art experience to find their own artist’s way. Orly is a very special woman unlike any I have ever met.

Orly is hosting a drawing for a copy of “14 Artist Journals” on her blog, One Artist Journal, so leave a comment on her blog and one lucky winner will be picked on Valentine’s Day morning, Thursday 14 February, 2013, good luck!

I strongly suggest if you wish to purchase the book support Orly and purchase from her bloglink: 

or you may purchase directly from CreateSpace:

The book is also available from Amazon.