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Spread 222 – “Always Watching”

Spread 222 - "Always Watching" April 7, 2018 Vintage and personal and handmade papers, fabric, stitching, black and white gesso, PaperArtsy paints. This spread was started in a recent class with Orly Avineri. Recently Orly and I had our annual trip up to a dear friends cabin in Lake Arrowhead and I finished this there. It [...]

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Spread 220 – Covered Me

Spread 216 - "Covered Me"  18 March 2016 Vintage and personal papers, matte medium, PaperArtsy paints, Nova color paints, black and white gesso, Micron pens, pencil, matte varnish, image transfers with hand-stitched edges. It happens over time. Little by little life covers who we are. We loose touch with who we truly are. When will [...]

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Spread 219 “How Brian Got His Groove Back”

  Spread 219 - "How Brian Got His Groove Back" January 15, 2017 6.5" X 8” altered book Altered book, vintage and personal papers and images, matte gel, black gesso, Nova Color paints, PaperArtsy paints. This spread is from an altered book class with Orly Avineri. I notice it takes a while to get my groove [...]

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Spread 212 – The Monkey On My Back

  Spread 212 - The Monkey On My Back 12 December 2015 - 20 February 2016 Vintage & personal images, matte gel, matte medium, Nova Color paints, black Micron pen, white Signo gel pen, pencil, white gesso. Sometimes spreads take some time. This was started in a class with Orly in December and I finally "finished [...]

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Spread 205 – Boys! – Men!

Spread 205 - Boys! - Men! 12 Sept 2015 Vintage and personal papers, photos, found objects, matte medium, Nova Color Paint, Black and white gesso. I came across an interesting article the other day on visual journaling, self-regulation and stress reduction by Cathy Malchodi. You can read the article here. I do visual journaling for [...]

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Spread 192 – My Side Kick – Cover

Spread 192 - Side Kick - Cover  Vintage children's book, tape, paint, vintage papers. Orly Avineri gave this Side Kick to me a few years ago. She made the cover and I have always loved it. Over the years it has developed a lovely patina, with bits of pant here and there. She uses Side [...]

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Spread 190 – Everything is Connected

Spread 190 - Everything is Connected Fall 2014 Nova Color paint, black and white gesso, vintage photographs, vintage wallpapers and papers, matte medium, matte varnish, Sigano white gel pen, black Micron pen, Tim Holtz Distress Inks, Orly Avineri stencils. This spread is from an art journaling class with Orly Avineri. Everything I do is connected. [...]

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Spread 189 – Caps

Spread 189 - Caps 18-19 April 2015 Vintage papers, handmade papers, personal images, wallpaper, book binding, matte medium, matte gel, Nova Color paint. I am more like you than you know. I am excited to be joining teaching with Terry Garrett, John Arbuckle a three day class in beautiful Whidbey Island at the Pacific Northwest Art School August 8-10th, [...]

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January Playing Card Journal Entires

PCJ 1-1-15 PCJ - 1-4-15 PCJ 1-11-15  PCJ 1-18-15 PCJ 1-25-15 These are my playing card journal entries for the month of January 2015. They are actually a standard deck of regulation playing cards. I do one card per week. I have really enjoyed working on these. These are from the 52 Card Pick-up class [...]

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52 Card Journal With Seth Apter

52 Card Journal  52 Card Journal Back 52 Card Journal - Front Cover 52 Card Journal - Back Cover 52 Card Journal - Inside Front Cover 52 cards in process Happy New Year!!!! Today I spent the day creating with some wonderful folk, lead by Seth Apter of The Altered Page. We were hosted by the wonderful Barbara [...]

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Spread 0180 – Geranium

Spread 0180 - Geranium 21 Sept 2014 Vintage & found papers, Nova Color paint, matte medium, gel skin image transfers, Sigano white gel pen. Distress Ink, matte varnish. Spread 0180 - Geranium - Center 22 Sept 2014 Vintage & found papers, Nova Color paint, matte medium, gel skin image transfers, Sigano white gel pen. Distress [...]

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Spread 179 – Listen to me & Photos from my trip to Whidbey Island

Spread 179 - Listen to me4 to 9 Aug 2014Vintage and personal images, acrylic paint, vintage fabric, gel skin transfers.Leaving Mukilteo on the ferryMy home away from home.The Steves' Inn at the Dr. W. L. White house Established in 1894.Another shot of the Steves' Inn.A deer walking the grounds of the Steves' Inn. A morning walk [...]

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Spread 178 – My Spread for John's RR book.

  Spread 179 - Journey of Friendship 30 July 2014 Vintage and found papers, tracing paper images, personal images, matt medium, Nova color paints, Tim Holtz distress inks, matte varnish, gel pens, Sharpie china marker.   Journey of Friendship - center spread. 30 July 2013 Vintage and found papers, tracing paper images, personal images, matt [...]

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