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21 Secrets Conversations & Spread 0182 – Shadow of a Man

Spread 0182 - Shadow of a Man 5 Sept - 27 Oct 2014 Vintage and personal papers, Nova Color acrylic paint, matte medium, gel image transfer, tracing paper images, Micro black pen and Signo white gel pen. Click on the spread for a larger view. This spread was one of the spreads I created during [...]

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Spread 181 – Through a Drought

  Spread 181 - Through A Drought July 21-22 2014 Cardboard box, vintage and found papers, stamps, Nova Color paint, white Sigano pens, string. We all go through droughts, droughts in love, money, creativity, thought, etc. This journal is about drought and abundance. It was created with Orly Avineri in her Drought/Abundance class, waaaay back [...]

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Fall 2014 21 Secrets Begins 1 October & The Winners!

The Lucky winners are John 1. John - October 1, 2014 [Edit] Can’t wait to explore with you and all the other artists, Brian. This is a great piece by the way. Have fun on your vacation. and 2. John 8. John Patton - October 1, 2014 [Edit] I’ve been following your blog and art for a while now and am always impressed [...]

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Spread 0180 – Geranium

Spread 0180 - Geranium 21 Sept 2014 Vintage & found papers, Nova Color paint, matte medium, gel skin image transfers, Sigano white gel pen. Distress Ink, matte varnish. Spread 0180 - Geranium - Center 22 Sept 2014 Vintage & found papers, Nova Color paint, matte medium, gel skin image transfers, Sigano white gel pen. Distress [...]

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Spread 179 – Listen to me & Photos from my trip to Whidbey Island

Spread 179 - Listen to me4 to 9 Aug 2014Vintage and personal images, acrylic paint, vintage fabric, gel skin transfers.Leaving Mukilteo on the ferryMy home away from home.The Steves' Inn at the Dr. W. L. White house Established in 1894.Another shot of the Steves' Inn.A deer walking the grounds of the Steves' Inn. A morning walk [...]

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Spread 178 – My Spread for John's RR book.

  Spread 179 - Journey of Friendship 30 July 2014 Vintage and found papers, tracing paper images, personal images, matt medium, Nova color paints, Tim Holtz distress inks, matte varnish, gel pens, Sharpie china marker.   Journey of Friendship - center spread. 30 July 2013 Vintage and found papers, tracing paper images, personal images, matt [...]

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Teaching in Whidbey Island – Personal Images in Art Journaling – August 2-3, 2014

Spread 177 - Deep Sea 2014 I am excited about my upcoming class on beautiful Whidbey Island, Washington at the Pacific Northwest Art School. I am teaching my class Personal Images in Art Journaling August 2-3, 2014. The class is filling up. Here is my class description: We all have images that we are drawn [...]

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Spread 178 – My Journals Are Not Pretty

Spread 178 - My Journals Are Not Pretty 10 July 2014 Acrylic Paint, Black Gesso, Matt Medium, Vintage and personal images. These are my journals, they are not pretty. They hold my truths and my stories. I tell them until I don't need to tell them any longer and they have no power.

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Spread 176 – No More Vagueness

Spread 175 - No More Vagueness  21 June 2014 Black gesso, white gesso, Nova Color paint, vintage papers, tracing paper image. The past is over. The present is this point in time to be enjoyed and lived. My future is filling with lots of artistic opportunities. This spread was completed in Orly Avineri's art journaling [...]

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My Spread for Terry's Round Robin Journal.

  My spread for Terry's Round Robin Journal.  The inside portions of the journal are flaps that fold. Vintage and personal papers, comics, cardboard, tracing paper images, Nova Color paint, matt medium, card board, Tim Holtz Distress Ink, matt varnish. June 25 2014. The inside flap. I am in a round robin group. Each journal [...]

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Spread 173 – My People

Spread 173 - My People 18 May 2014 Nova Color paints, image transfers with matte gel, matte medium, cardboard, matte varnish, Tim Holtz Distress Inks. As I prepare for another weekend spending time with other wonderful creative art journalers at Orly Avineri's June art journaling class. I think about the people, my people. They get [...]

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Seth Apter's Buried Treasure 2014!

It is time for Seth Apter's Buried Treasure! I chose one of my favorite posts from one of my favorite events of the past year. I chose it because it involves some of my dearest friends Orly, Seth, Terry, John, Irene, and many more from my wonderful art family. Art Family  from February 16, 2014 [...]

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Spread 0171 – Past/Present in my Journals

Spread 0171 - Past/Present in My Journals 17 May 2014 Nova Color paints, personal and found images, matt medium, black & white gesso, Sharpie wax pencils, Micron black pen. A spread from one of Orly Avineri's classes. I have come to a place in my journeys with my journals that the past is in the [...]

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Spread 0170 – Humbled

Spread 0170 - Humbled  17-18 May 2014 Vintage and personal papers, napkins, matte medium, Nova Color paints, Ink, Distress Inks, matte varnish  Sigano white pen, Micron black pen, Sharpie china pencils. This spread is one of four I completed in Orly Avineri's weekend workshop. Every time I take one of Orly's classes I am humbled and [...]

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21 Secrets Fall 2014!

  I am thrilled to announce I will be joining 20 other art journaling teaching for the 2014 Fall schedule of 21 Secrets Art Journaling Workshop! 21 Secrets is a wonderful online site for classes from Hali Karla and Connie Hozvicka at Dirty Footprints Studio. I will teaching a totally new class online:   INTERNAL ARTIFACTS  Come [...]

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Spread 0169 – Beggars Can't Be Choosers

Some of my journals. Spread 0169 - Beggars Can't Be Choosers 6 April 2014 Vintage and found images, matte medium, Micron pens, pencil, Nova Color paints, white gesso. It's strange how just reading a phrase can remind me of my parents. My mom used to use that phrase "beggars can't be choosers." It reminds me [...]

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Spread 0168 – "Mystery of a Woman"

Spread 0168 - "Mystery of a Woman" 4 May 2014 Vintage and personal papers, tracing paper images, paint chips, matte medium, black gesso, Nova C0lor paints, black Micron pen, Sigano white gel pen, Tim Holtz Distress inks, matte varnish. Note: the center portions of the above spread are flaps that open. Inside center spread  4 [...]

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