Spread 188 - Sheep Herder - 72

Spread 0188 “The Sheep Herder’s Son”

I remember how it began. It was with the son of a sheep herder. There was really not much to it, it was physical mostly and short-lived. Yet it set a pattern for me. One I finally see changes in. I was preparing to leave work for a trip to the mountains with Orly. If only it had happened 5 minutes later I would be gone. I would have missed it. I would have missed the drama. I was called to the counter an old friend had stopped by and he needed a favor. I helped as best I could, and left, the exchange only took that five minutes. Yet the encounter shook me. I saw this relationship for exactly what it was, and I saw myself thankfully removed from it almost as if I was watching from above.

This spread was started in a class with Orly Avineri and finished this weekend in the mountains of Lake Arrowhead with her. What a glorious weekend it was of friendship, art, food and sharing.

PNW Announcement

I am looking forward to teaching a three day class with two other incredible friends and art journaling teachers, Terry Gerrett and John Arbuckle.

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Terry Garrett


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John Arbuckle.

Imagine three days, three teachers all their techniques and all the fun in beautiful Whidbey Island at the Pacific Northwest Art School August 8-10th, 2015.