My favorite workspace

The wonderful Associate Press author Jennifer Forker has featured me again in a recent article on artist workspaces you can read it here. Yes, I have an indoor workspace, it is upstairs in our home it doubles as a home office. It is hot in the summer, and cold in the winter, it has not yet been remodeled as we want to do so I rarely work up there. In the spring, summer and early fall I can usually be found here. Above is my favorite workspace, my back yard patio table. Enjoy a few more shots around my private backyard studio courtesy of Instagram.



The view from my lounge chair

The back corner

This den window is where my cats sit to view the yard. 

Another seating area


I hope you enjoyed a little view of my favorite space to create in. When we moved into our home the planters and pool were here but all the planters were empty it was a blank slate. All the walls were cinderblock topped with ugly white corrugated plastic and wood. We covered all the walls with vines, climbing roses, clematis, and boston ivy. We have been in our home 6 years. This past spring we had all of the plantings cut back and my partner had a fit thinking we’d ruined it all. I assured him it would all come back and it certainly has.

This is where I love to create the vines, roses, bouganvillas, flowers, palms, and hibiscus all inspire me. It is filled with many finches, doves, and lots of my favorite humming birds. I hope your having a wonderful summer!