This is the last spread of my first XL Moleskine.

 I have very mixed emotions about finishing this journal.  It has been in my life this past year and it has really helped me to grow personally and as well as an artist.  It’s always been there just waiting for me to open it up, look at what I have done and to play with paper, glue, paint and ink.  It’s taken a beating and It has aged, taken a lot of twists and turns.  After a long day my favorite thing to do is go out on our patio table spread out my journal, get out paper, matt medium, epherema, glue, and ink and just start playing.  My cats just LOVE this journal.  The cats actually wait for me to open it so they can lay on it.  I think they feel the love coming out of it.  I am so very proud of this journal.  I thank you for following along as I’ve worked on it.  I am not done creating.  This is only the beginning.  I have two more journals in the wings just waiting.  I can’t wait to dig in!   Join me on the rest of this visual journey.